torsdag 5 december 2013

Werewolf Front - Wolves of the White North

These swedes has made an great debut with their demo "Wolves of the White North".

As you can read earlier here on RAW WAR in their interview this demo somewhat came
into existence by slump, the revelation of creating a wholeness was through the
creations of the Satanic Warmaster cover "The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves ".

And as you then may expect the sound and atmosphere is in that raw finnish coldness
many love (including me of cours), but despite this direct inspiration source they
dont fall into boring copycat worshipping but succeeds in concotting four well
composed songs that exhales lycanthropic fire through out, it is a good mix
of harsh but melodic riffings blends in just right into the icy winds and salty ghastings invigorate the old proud nordic blood.

After hearing this demo i cant really wait for the next release from Werewolf Front! they hinted in their interview they are already working on new stuff...

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