tisdag 4 februari 2014

Vampire Interview!

Lets sit down and chat some with the guitarist Black String of the Swedish death/trash metal band Vampire!

1.Greetings! How are things right now? Lots of commitments?
Time for some touring next month also i understand?

- Hey there. Things are quite calm in the Vampire camp at the moment if you don’t take the promotion work into account, meaning dozens of e-mails each day and a couple of interviews on top of that.
There are no touring plans as of now apart from our album release show with Miasmal and Morbus Chron in Gothenburg in April.
Hopefully we will perform some additional shows around Scandinavia after the album release and do a proper tour later on.

2.Are you pleased with the end result of the coming first full album? What would you say if any is the difference between the demo and the new songs music wise?
When you started on the album work was there a clear vision you had for it or did the creative "death" impulses take you through track to track?

- It’s close to a perfect first album I think.
Compared to the demo the album shows improvements in the song structures and general performance, not to mention the slightly more atmospheric passages which our demo only hinted at. We didn’t have a clear vision of an album when we begun writing new songs after the release of the demo, but let’s say that the album manifested itself once the opening track ”Orexis” was finished, which was the last song we made for the album.

3. Possession from Belgium manage it now also but I must say there was a while ago i witnessed a band with just one demo tape that instantly manifested a buzz in and around the underground as Vampire did!
Of course one does not know the perfect formula to manage to strike the right chords as this but did you have some hunch of the "future to come" before you released the tape?

- We didn’t expect much from the demo tape, so everything that’s happened after its release has been a positive surprise. The formula is Hand of Doom, me and Command getting together in the first place, and some Ratwing on top of that.
Let’s see where it will take us.

4.How many tapes and colors did you let lose to the world?

- Four colors, a hundred copies each.

5. And that sweet follow up Ep vinyl release with the extra song was great!
Is any of these songs also on the full length?

- There are as many as three songs from the EP on the album.

6.By the way how was the gig at The Liffey last year? (Gamla stan/Stockholm)

- It was totally OK. It surely wasn’t the best show in the history of Vampire as we hadn’t played live for about three months at the time and it was just our third gig.

7. And when we talk about gigs i understand you have been out and played quite much?
Is there some gig that stands out when you think back?
Some disaster gig?
Some perfect gig?

- We’ve played about eleven gigs since our debut gig in December 2012, which isn’t very much in my opinion. Every gig is special in its own way, but my personal highlights would be our gigs at the Muskelrock festival and at Klubb Natten in Malmö.
I won’t bother myself with the disastrous moments right now…

8.Now you are signed with Century Media Records, you feel comfy with them?
Not that you should´t be comfy but i hope they provide you with all that you need.

- Century Media are very professional to deal with.
However, one cannot really expect much more than album releases and sales promotion from a record label these days. We don’t ask for more than that either and handle the rest by ourselves.

9. Any plans for a split?
- I’ve thought about asking Morbid Angel about that, but didn’t hit the ”send” button on my gmail account yet.

10. As blood taste like metal i think your bandname fits the bill more then well...
but if you had to choose one person in the world to suck blood of who would that be?

- Madonna maybe.

11. Thanks for all your answers!
Best of luck now!

- Thanks for the interview and support of Vampire.
Best of luck with your ’zine and art projects.

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