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Evilforces Interview!

Hails and welcome to the endless cave of Raw War! 

1.As I understand you are a pretty fresh band? For how long have you existed in this manifestation and how and why you people hook up and created Evilforces? 

-First of all Thanks a lot for the support and interest in Evilforces. Well yes, we are a very fresh band. I used to have other BM project but we (the other members and I) decided to go in separate ways. 
I started to write the album in July 2013 and so I create Evilforces in October. Nestor Avalos plays the bass and he joins now in 2014.

2. Where is your stronghold located and how is your local "scene"?

- León, Guanajuato, México is the location. 
Local Scene? I think there are a very good bands but they need to take the music business seriously. 

3. Your musical inspirations as you mention on your FB page is Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Gorgoroth (old), Emperor, besides all this great golden artists is there some current new hords that you support and respect?  

- Yes of course, there’s a lot of very good projects nowdays who keep the early Norwegian essence alive, first to came to my mind are Dødsfall, Krypt, Omegathrum Moon, Djevelkult, Pagan Hellfire, Moonkult…… There’s a lot of fresh new killer bands all around the world.

4. Lets talk about the coming album "Pest Plagues & Storms", by the title one can get a grasp of its taste of boiling blood I guess but please describe its internal themes and what pushed you in this direction of lyrics?

- Just like the title of the album says, the lyrics are about Pest, Malevolent Forces, Rage, Plagues, blood of course there will be blood, also I were inspired by possessions, violent activity from poltergeists and stuff you know, so I decided to take the whole thing to the lyric themes in this album. 
In fact in the top of the logo you can see this Pazuzu’s head, a demon that brings all this illness.  

5. Is there a catharsis reward through your music for you or is it more like digging your soul deeper down the spiral?

- Of course there’s a reward in every single part of every single song, and well, as I told you before the lyrics are about Evil, Hate and Anger Future is uncertain, I don’t know about what I’m going to talk in the next albums but for now I’m not hailing nobody.

6.Besides the full album is there some plans or talk about making some split with someone?    

- I had not thought about making a split but if any band interested has the same goals as Evilforces why not, we could consider a split album.

7. Can you describe Pazuzu’s background a bit more? And besides this beast is there other ones that also could work for your purposes? ...And i think it was the Pazuzu who was inside the possessed girl in the movie "The Exorcist" also...   

- A short info about Pazuzu it’s that he was the King of the Demons of the Wind, and son of the God Hanbi a God of Whom very little is known, aside from the fact that He is Pazuzu’s father. Pazuzu, the Assyrian Demon also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and pest. 
Ok this is the main info around the net but you may find some other information which claim contrary in particular that Pazuzu was respected as a God. 
Of course, in the other songs we talk about Lilith & Lamaštu, another two main summerian demonesses, and yes, Pazuzu was that demon of this Legendary movie. 

8. When one like me that lives in little Sweden thinks of living in a place like México one would have the impression that "street violence" etc would be a quite common everyday experience... Is that impression half truth or only a one sided "media projection"?

- Half truth, there’s violence all around the world nowdays. I think it depends in the city where you live, there will always be less safe than other places in every country.

9.Who made your bandlogo and the other visual representation?

- The primary idea of the logo was made by Luciferium War Graphics and then I made some arrangements. 

The Art Illustration was made by our bassist Nestor Avalos

and the person who appears in black with makeup and this black robe is Denisse Juárez, a very close friend of mine.

10. On which record label will your album be released on and when?   

- Well just like you said in the beginning, we are a fresh new band so we haven’t a record deal yet. 

11. Right now what is Evilforces most immediate plans? 

- Find a label to debut our first album and probably consider making a VideoClip for the song “Destroyer’s Pest”.

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