lördag 8 februari 2014

Nechbeyth - Coerce Creed

Well after their last bestial holocaust i was not directly hovering in fear for this new releases good quality or not...

it may even be an better terror assault this Ep "Coerce Creed" then the last blistering outing "Blood. Axis. Domination"!!

But ...then again it feels wrong to split them apart because i feel like they are already connected deeply through Nechbeyth blood and flows together naturally anyway.

After the dystopian mood setting intro (which is baked into the first real song also the same is done in the end with the outro) the bulldozing commence but not only in some blind "wall-of-sound" buzz but like a strong and well defined war tank crushing all the resistance with both brutal cold power and refined modern weapon technology.

All through the 5 tracks one discover many killer riffings and interludes and speed shiftings which may not be evident on the first spin but that just makes it last longer. The intertwined ancient war gods feels rightfully at home here.

And a hails also goes to the cover art by NothingSacred SvArtwork and all the layout/design which fits like an uniform on this trooper metal body!

And though the whole chaotic atmosphere is burning your ears (and hair) away one find its core more intelligent them some may think this could inherit.

Track list:

1.     Intro+KMST Oath         
2.     Ruination Conquest         
3.     Eradication Vortex         
4.     Coerce Axiom         
5.     Lynch Directive+Outro         

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