måndag 12 maj 2014

Sacrifício Sumério - Sacrifício Sumério

Here is some slab of intolerant and primitive Brazilian black metal!

Right of the bat this becomes evident that this
release is a mix of rehearsal songs and some
studio mixed ones so the production quality is
drastically diverse, from distant fuzzy rawness to
balanced studio resonance.

There is no doubt about their intentions and stand points
which is something you either mind or dont mind.

The tempos change from muddy mid tempo to quite fast, drums
rumbles on tight enough and the riffings has traces from the
Nordic second wave plus a big bite from the early satanic heavy metal
eras... thus it has both some head banging vibes and cold moody warrior tunes.
 Sometimes it reminds me of the music of the German band Armatus.

Vocals screams from quite brutish lower tones but often it
also delivers its hate message in the higher tone registers.
From what i can hear most of the lyrics is sung in Brazilian tongue also so for a Swede like me
it sounds quite exotic too.

My pick-up tracks is 6, 7 & 10.

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