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Herxsebet Interview!

1.Welcome into the cold cellar of RAW WAR! 
How is the work with the coming demo "La Morte Et Nhos Vex " going? Is it Caligo Arcanum Productions that will release it?

- Salve R.W, and also, welcome to the Herxsebet world, the work with “La Morte Et Nhos Vex” are ready to be released soon, maybe in mid-June (14’) via Caligo Arcanum Productions in CD (3”) is a new edition of releases from the label, “L.M.E.N.V” is one of three new experimental releases to prepare for Herxsebet, since my arrival in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 
This same are created under a nihilistic concept and the concept of the upcoming experimental releases with the help of a new member in the guild: A. Mourant, the second release are a split with “Wamphyre”

2.I get a feeling that Herxsebet is mainly ritual music? 
Something that is both "a way" and a result of personal occult growth? Do you "use" the music or is it the other way around?

- Your feelings are correct, I make ritual raw music as a occult and magik growth, drown negativism in a spiritual framework. 
This ritual raw music “multifarious” create senses to the hermetic, maniac and primitive people, at esoteric circumstances. 

3.What can you tell about the AOTT movement? 

- A.O.T.T or O.T.T - Dogma of anti-profit, raw, radical, occult elitism immerse into the BM of R.R.M (Ritual Raw Music) no commitments.

4.How would you describe your occult direction, and do you remember when you got into this?

- My occult direction is hermetic, but basically, it is formed by two poles, nature and modernization, life and death. The introductions (2009/2010) in esotericism were performed solo, in selected places xalapa for his gift of intense mystical energy, even a song was recorded there, some few months after many ex-members of circles of black witchery in the city as “La familia” or “Circulo negro de los barbomantes” helped me develop in this esoteric realm to to conceptualize several releases in Herxsebet.

5. Your visual styles is very raw and gritty which fits your sound-rape but do you conceive and put together the covers, sigils etc yourself?

- Are concepts that often came out spontaneously, really does not take more than a few hours to create all the designs taking all that is necessary, only with a little alcohol and celebrating listen the finished release. Ugliness, primitivism, hate, ideas, concepts, my music, my magic, will, everything is perfectly aligned in herxsebet.

6. My spontaneous gut feeling pointed out three of your releases which i would like you to dissect for me a little. First one is the first full album "Anno Reunion Nigris: In Misanthropy Regis "I" " that got out last year.

- Anno Reunion Nigris are the most “prepared”, esoteric and occult release in herxsebet. I work with Arzerath (of Noctrvm) for In Opacare and Á'gîshnümünääb (Kur Extorquere) the design of the covers. finish this work brought back many personal problems as alcoholism, important people away from me, hyperactivity, bipolar, anger… somehow it's my favorite for that. 
There are 11 tracks in total, too dark, there is no subject that does not contain a story / very unpleasant experience in my life, finish this full-lenght it with the greatest anguish I have ever experienced, feed my monsters, my most terrible fears and hates all emotions and witchcraft fill those private and horrendous segments of discomfort to put them on a golden plate and give it to the world-plague. “Quod vobis apponitur, caedem a musicis”.

7.Second is the single from the same year M.O.O.N.

- perhaps the strangest releases (after "suicide pandemic") because I not planing nothing, just as you would experience with the synthesizer to try to do a little music and ritual to meditate before the act. has few tracks, but the truth i always release all the tracks I make had the support of A. Nihil in this single, but I have not much to say about this.

8.Third is the self titled demo from 2012, the one with the human with the rooster head.

- That demo are very ugly, raw and primitive… the real Herxsebet, is full of metaphors and black feels, but the people needs hear it. Work on it after finishing my work with my other solo project “Krypthall” then I throw in a split, a selected number of tracks. many people do not understand the meaning of the cover, and if you ask me... however it's not very hard to notice, just knowing the meaning of the elements in the cover.

9.I remember seeing something about some rip-off label you where fooled by or something, what was the story behind that?

- Yes, “Pagan Forest Records” from Chile… Lord Odal Wolfen (from Nocturnal Delirium, Azif and Askarot) this fucking retard only release personal copies and my copies, then many people told me that this asshole was selling releases at very high costs, later then he confessed that he had not released all the copies we agreed... even worse type to trades with other labels sending files instead of sending the physical copies.

10.What do you think about playing live? 
Is there some gig you like to point out that reached some kind of strong atmosphere?     

- Is contemplated in the future, but still a long way to go.

11.How does the plans look for with the Negromancy label?

- A split coming under NEGROMANCY RECS and hopefully more work with this wonderful label of real cult, no fucking trendy shit, information of this split soon may consult the Herxsebet page in a few days.

12.Thanks for your time. Last howl is yours!

- Thanks for wait my response and the space in your blog, a big fuck you to my enemies.


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