lördag 3 mars 2018

Odvas - Decayed bark sets the World Ablaze

From Hungary we have here some dark ambient music!

This type of genre direction i mostly stumbles across as a intro or interlude or similar inside some black metal release but from time to time i get the chance to digest a whole creation in this vain.

From my interpetation i feel that this is a quite focused release in the sense that it is a clear  dramaturgical constructed journey through the 4 long tracks, it feels like a sound-track to some somber and bleak movie which is nice, the actual songs have both it own story to give but also let your own mind paint up visions a long the way. (works great when i paint or similar, gets you into that good state of morphing with your art.)

The songs has a nice mix of sounds in their ambience state like solitude piano, hostile mur murs, distant dark drums,echoes, cold winds and the alike. It dont fall into the traps of boredom like this genre is often close to.

The song structures and sound variations and time length here is spot on.

A really nice tight ambient tape!

Track list:
1. The Hunter
2.My own Truth
3.Decayed Bark
4.The Victim

Released by:
Far From...Records

band mail:

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