lördag 25 augusti 2012

Katharsis is Hell !!!

The first band i feel suitable for my dawnbreaking post is the truly masterful Katharsis (started in 1996) from Germany, it may not be the first band you´ll find through your gravediggings (as it should be) but when you find them your damage soul will freeze with awe!

The three records from them i had the luck of buying is two (of three) album "666" & "VVorldVVithoutEnd" and the one Ep "Fourth Reich",  they have also released 6 splits and 5 demos.

 Fourth Reich

If you desire to get sucked up in an extreme vortex of satanic thunder you should not seek further!!!
From what i heard myself and from ...others their third album "VVorldVVithoutEnd" is their big masterpiece and i can't disagree lesser.

Everything is insanely well made all from the riffings and drummings and not to forget the fantastic maniac screeching/spitting/ghasting Drakh singer !!! The atmosphere is feverish and evil, exactly like you whant it to be!

The EP and their first album is really good too and should not to be missed, they are in the same vain as "VVorld" but has slightly different tails in them and is slightly less hellish.

Now i really long for their second album "Kruzifixxion"... I´ll have to terrorise my local record dealer a bit more i think....And i´ll post it right away when i have it!

One (of many)standout moment is how the first raging track "Eden Belovv" melts togeather so heavenly with track two "Kross Fyre", it is a fittingly orgasmic start to the whole record.

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