onsdag 29 augusti 2012


If you have a craving form some blastbeating madness tune in to Azaghals ripping album "Perkeleen Luoma" from 2004!

From the get go the beatings on the "digital leather" is immense (but mixed a bit dim and murky...) and the guitars whipping up a storm of killer wasps! (the mix is a bit loud and stingy...in a good way.)
The voice of Varjoherra is fitting right into this hellish bulldozer with high cold screams and pissed off "harmonies"!

Two of the strongest tracks here i must say is the first in-your-face song "Helvettiin" and the proud fifth song "Kuoleman Kylmä Ikuisuus"...well the whole ten tracks is good all together but if i have to say something negative it may be that the (almost) constant blastbeating drummachine can come of as one handed... a living human maby could put in some more details to the picture.

This is a brutal cd (wish a had the double vinyl...) with some  breaks with epic compositions that completes the whole thing great! An extra plus to the dramatic conclusion song "Filosofi"  too!

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