måndag 27 augusti 2012

Two Finnish Beasts!

I scored twice today and got my dirty hands on Hornas rerelease of the fantastic early record "Hiidentorni" and Arsonist Lodges Ep "Perkele, Antikristus ja väärä profeetta"!

If someone saw me on my way home they would witnessed a knife sharp smile on my face, he he. I even had the luck of sitting next to a a catholic priest in full 100% cotton "armour" in the subway, his fluttering gaze was fun to see when i flipped through Hornas cd-booklet (my inner child got its cheap kicks) . Hohoho!

Anyway, lets get over the main event here!

To collect Hornas releases is sometimes a bitch in the ass but on the other side they have made so much material (and the most of it is super!) so one can often stumble across something from them by chans...like today!
I had almost given up hope to get the dubble CD-opus "Sanojesi Äärelle" when the shopkeeper  suddenly reached me the "Hiidentorni"!!

Here is three earlier covers one of the original (in the middle i think) and two older rereleases.

The first thing you notice is that even if you feel right at home (the home of horns!) you notice that the voicemix and singing style is a bit different, the variations of the gurgeling and howlings etc that takes place here is probably because Nazguls insane persona was behind the mic.

                                                             (Nazgul in the center of the photo)

The whole sound is in the "raw" category but a good one... it´s not like some early Drowning the Light demos when you barly heare the music. (Love Drownings later efforts by the way.)
The atmosphere is also something extra here! It feels like your back in the "old savage age" with everything that comes with it.(8 songs)

As always with Horna they combines sharp evil riffings with memorable storming melodies.
You'll certainly engulf yourself in this cd many times over. One of Hornas better creations fore sure!

The next finnish satanic worshippers is maybe not so prolific as Horna but the have a very promising future at their hands .(...if they want.)
These Arsonists have only released twe Ep´s and one demo(2003) but i hope they will continue produce stuff because they do some heavy hatefull shit here!! The three songs is quite long and doomy but in a more Black finnish raw metal style and they are never boring and the singer does a very good job of keeping the black flame alive i must say!
Give them a try!    NOW!

Is that a church i see burning ???!!!! XD

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