lördag 19 april 2014

Itsemurha - Existence is Suffering

After i heard the 3-track debut demo "All my life for Satan" from last year i was sure this was a band to follow more closely. (for more info please read the interview with Mr Kadotus here on Raw War)

After enjoying the classy and tasteful cover i showed into my dusty tape deck and pierced the play button hard! And yes this follow up demo is a devastating return to the cold void!

I get a feeling of  Drowning the Light that has drifted in on a snowy Finish shore... a little"Through the Noose of Existance" mixed with "The Stone of Apathy" but at the same time a strong own personality and the production is not so raw as DTL, it has a more fat and dooming vibe looming over the drums and ice is running in the melodic guitar rifts as well the vocals is harrowing and melancholic.

Both harsh and depressive but at the same time engaging and makes you relisten to it many times.... and here is the only place that i can put in a little complaint. I want MORE songs Kadotus!! hehe...
Yeah i am guilty of the death sin "Greed".

So if you like to dip into a new pond of negativity this is a good place to dive into.

This limited tape (100 x) will also be released on cd (thanks!) so be sure to pic that up if you dont has the tape or get both.

Hard to pick a favorite track but if it has to be one the second song "The last time".

Track list:

1. Wraith of Sorrow
2. The Last Time
3. When Misanthropy
4. Vulture of Tragedies

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