torsdag 17 april 2014

Moloch - Verwüstung

I had heard a song or two and was fairly sure i would like some of the tunes Moloch had concotted to this new album "Verwüstung" (Devastation).... and as i usually does with a band i am not very familiar with i do some background checks.... and i can say it felt quite a bit of a daunting task to get a firm overview on Moloch´s wholeness after seeing all the releases this one man band has created!!!
- 8 demos, 36 splits(!!!), 12 Albums, 10 Ep´s, 14 compilations, 7 boxed sets!!! 
Yeah as you understand there was no point to even try. then this review would be posted 2015 hehe

So i take this album fair and square as it is!

After the a bit overly long & very silent huming intro the album truly begins! 

And as i said earlier i was was fairly sure i would like Moloch mix of second wave black metal alá Burzum (Thanks is even given to Varg in the booklet) with a more grand epicness. It certainly cant be called a raw production with its large & deep sound picture but at the same time it is raw... in other words it sounds great and fitting Moloch modus operandi. All instruments compliment each other well and it is though somewhat  classic sounding a well composed achievement from start to finish. (i like the many subtle touches that is put inside the layers of the music also.)

The vocals also derives from the Burzum howling & complaining witch-style but it also wanders around to lower scales and even some clean parts, all flows nice together and creates a powerful attack in all its misanthropic glory. The cold winds of old times intertwines with modern emptiness and the longing for meaningfulness  is evident.

For me i would not classify this as suicidal depressive BM because it has a more constructive nature in its blood even if some parts feels bleak.

Well i like this very much even if i felt a little cheated by the "listen to it once then i always skip them" intro and outro´s. then if you fast forward the 9th track to about 20 minutes you´ll get a great Chopin symphony as a "hidden track".... well it is not so hidden when it is announced both on the backside and in the booklet. ;)

All in all i  recommended this record even if you know nothing about Moloch´s past releases and an extra plus to the design and artwork which is splendid ! Looks great!

My pick out songs would be: 3,6,7

Track list:

1.     Todesstille      instrumental
2.     Blutmond         
3.     Spiritueller Selbstmord         
4.     Negativität         
5.     Nur der Tod ist wirklich         
6.     Die Kälte der Ewigkeit         
7.     Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt         
8.     Verwüstung      instrumental   

44:24 min

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