lördag 12 april 2014

Nadiwrath Interview!

1.Hails and greetings to Raw War! Thanks for taking time off for answering this interview. 

-Hails to you too, thanks for the interview. 
Semjaza from Nadiwrath here.

2.How are things going with the new Ep? 
Feeling satisfied? And when will we have the chance to buy it?  

- We feel really satisfied with the ep, since we released all the anger and hatred towards the cosmic nothingness that we had at that point of time. 

- You can order our ep any time via official facebook Nadiwrath page and other worthwhile 
black metal distros. 
The response has been great so far. 

3. Last time we heard your music was with the nasty split with Dodsferd, That one really wetted one's appetite. Whats the background to this splits creation?  

- The split with Dodsferd is something we were arranging for some time since their is an eternal brotherhood between the two bands. As for the background, we composed and recorded one new track and a glorious Deathspell Omega cover in my Sitra Ahra studios. 
Dodsferd recorded one new track and one cover too ,the results can be heard in the misanthropic bonds split. 

4. What was the feelings boiling around that got you to start Nadiwrath, when you already had great bands in action?  

- Nadiwrath created to glorify the ancient aura of true black metal without compromise.

5.Now when the second full lenght is in plans how long have you gotten with it? 
And has it a release date?  

- I am sure that we created a classic black metal album. 
We spawned an album fully influenced by the 90s Swedish, Norwegian and obviously Greek bm. 

6. Now whith almost 3 years between the last vile full length "Nihilistic Stench" and the coming one what would you say has transformed under this time in the core of Nadiwrath? 

- Nothing transformed, nothing changed, the core is of total demise and total destruction. 
The stream of everlasting chaos that influence unconsciously every living being, some know about the source, others ignore it but chaos cannot ignore.  

 Worship death!

7. I must say that one of my favorite songs is "The Last Days of the Parasitical Results of Humanity (Part 1)"! So much great compositions and deep feelings runs trough it and by that said one of course wonder if a part 2 is to look forward to on some new era? 
- Thank you, it is my favorite too, the reason why I joined the band was this track, due to the Burzum-ish aura that captured. We created the main themes of the second part and it sounds great too. 
Yes,there is a new era that rises, which is the era of Satan, as an old Greek band proclaims! 

8. Great cover art by the way on the new Ep! Who did it? 
Good move also to print a t-shirt with it!  

- S. from Ravencult did the cover,we are proud of it. 
We explained the concept behind it and he created this Qliphotic realm that we see at the cover, we really like the cover. 

9. How frequent is Nadiwrath playing live? 
And how does the plans look like now in 2014? 

- We play live only when we feel like playing, playing with no reason is something other bands do. 
We prefer concentrating on new songs and playing when we feel the urge to do it. 

10.All support and good luck with all.

- Support to you too.


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