söndag 14 september 2014

Dark Eden - The Chaos Masquerade

 I cant say i have much knowledge about Turkish metal let alone Turkish Black metal so
when received this CD into my blank grasp i did not really know what to expect.

I saw the cover art thats quite dark & arty gave a proper mood for this kind of thing,
the band name Dark Eden is maybe not the most original name but the logo artwork was enough good  and gave a vibe of other bands that i already like so....

My first reaction was positive when i heard it! It was a solid and aggressive black metal straight away!!
The sound is  more of the grand and well produced bands from late of the 90´s (early 00´s)... which
maybe is not always a good era to be inspired by but luckily Dark Eden does not use any cheesy
epic keyboard tunes! They keep the punch in the drums as well as the bass is hearable through out.
Vocals is hateful & despiseful but here is my biggest concern with this album...the vocals is
a bit over powering the rest of the music. It can be the mastering thats is uneven because when i listen to my stereo at home the balance is better but in my Walkman (yes a have one of those! Dont like Mp3 players etc) the singing is drenching away the guitars etc which is a shame....so stay at home and listen to it. he he

Lyrics is not directly BM-themed but is more of personal thoughts of death, dark sides of modern life and such. A bit into the album i forget it is a Turkish band and get a very Nordic feeling from it...which is not a bad thing of course! Guitar melodies is enough varied and has many nice parts and they also throw in some acustic parts here & there  that work great.
For me is track 2,3 & 7 (8 tracks in total but the last one is a outro) the best ones but i cant say anyone is the worst either.

It is a matter of taste buds here (as always) but for me that usually like more raw and ugly stuff i get out
enough of this album to get enjoyment out of it... nothing original but competent.
A solid album in its vain but i feel they have better stuff inside them for the future releases, a tip from me to make Dark Eden even more interesting and "put them on the map" would be a more Turkish mythological themed creation!
To dig into once own occult history is a good thing for this type of music and it will nourish the bands personality deeper and will excite listeners.

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