lördag 13 september 2014

Darkcharge - Nuclear Fate

Here we have a band from the sunny Tampa bay Florida, i got interested first of this release because of its cool cover which made me think of some blackened war metal of some kind... well that feeling was half true

From the start one here a unholy mix of the Nordic cults like Darkthrone with some some trashy militant punk or rather i should say that the grounding is in a punkish beat with the coating of some black metalish spike adorned robe. Raspy vocals and a quite raw production without losing any power.
It works well straight trough!

The lyrics is also in the same blender but does not lean to much in the "political punk" way which is a relief but at the same time no direct black metal content either except from the anti-religious stand they have.
It is more in the bleak future aggression vein here!

A bit short songs for my taste but as long as they hammer on they gets my head banger reflexes going!
It sounds both "modern" but also winds from the early 80´s when the likes of Hellhammer was rising is felt!

So if you have nothing against these kind of style fusions go ahead and get this one! It sure rocks in the dark shades of life.

Track list:

Darkcharge - 01 Who is in control
Darkcharge - 02 No Hope
Darkcharge - 03 Brutal Force
Darkcharge - 04 Nuclear Fate
Darkcharge - 05 Terrorist attack
--hidden tracks--
Darkcharge - 06 Who is in control V2
Darkcharge - 07 No Hope V2

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