måndag 22 september 2014

Septuagint - Negative Void Trinity

After the interview i conducted last year with Septuagint (look for it if you missed it!) i had a fairly clear
feeling of the direction and interest the band had so when i started to get into this Ep it went quite smooth...

As a whole i feel that these 5 songs/psalms is like pre-ritual to the coming album experience, like 5 steps
down towards the unknown abyss... it all is drenched in malignant skin-shedding  motivation!
As it drags itself towards great pain for the revelation of true knowledge... a high cost for a high reward or perhaps a muted scream into the darkness....answers may exist...

Strictly musically speaking this has similarities to bands like Marduk, mid-era Watain and even some Flagellated Seraph, thundering blast beating drums but with well balanced structure, cold sharp guitars with both a hypnotic & alarming riffing sound and not so much of melodic focus, vocals has also a good variety ranging from mid-raspy ghastings to mental shouts & ramblings...sounds like a inner dialogue/ turmoil.

As the last song ends i feel that the coming album will be the real judge to Septuagint due to the personal development they will gain from going through that creational strife, from that the rest will follow!

A competent Debut Ep that leaves an after taste of greater things to come!

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