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Day's End Interview!

As i understand Day´s End is a pretty fresh band so please tell me who the members are and when & why this entity got started?

- Hi, Day’s End was formed in February 2014. It’s an project which I do with Nargathrond. 
Why? To handle feelings, which burns deep inside of us and of course to make music.

 2.Is this the first English written interview with Day´s End? Which others has interview´d you? How is the response on your "home-turf"?

- Yes it is and I hope you understand our “german-english”. They are 2 interviews with Folkmetal.at and Massenvernichtungs Webzine. I don’t know…. some people like it some people doesn’t like it….it doesn’t matter. We make this music at first for our own.

 3.Please tell me about the Thüringen where you live, looks very beautiful and grand! How is it to grow up there?

- It’s one of the last wilder landscapes in Germany, it’s lonesome and many of the younger people don’t wanna stay here. Maybe its boring for them or they find a better job in west Germany. I don’t like this way of thinking…it’s my homeland and I am proud of it. The Nature, my family and all the friends….they give me the power to live this life.

 4.From the music i have heard from you i feel you have succeeded in your goal to portrait the power of vast nature and seclusion, depression etc. one thing i felt that many songs had was a duality in the vocals. like either it is a internal monologue with an external monologue or it is dialogue with two "sides" of the subject.

- Sometimes it’s a dialogue with two sides….but the most time I try to support the music with other types of vocals….you know…when there is a clean part it’s better to do clean vocals.

5.How do you look at "death"? Is it like an coming final relief or something thats haunts you? Some confronts death in a aggressive fashion like more of an attack others accepts it calmly and almost welcome it.

- It is all around us. Every second you can feel it. You can just hope that you come over the day. I do not believe that death is the end…but what´s coming after it…I don’t know.

 6.Please tell some on the coming album? Name, label etc

- It will come in autumn. Winterwolf Records will release it. The name of the album is still not found. It will have 9 Songs with some surprising parts.

 7.Which bands would you say is the most evident that you inspired of?

- There are more than one. I am a big fan of Burzum, Taake, Nargaroth and many others. Nargathrond likes more types of Metal then me…I think. 
It’s melting to the Day’s End sound.

 8.And which band got you to play in the first place?

- Maybe Taake but the own music is the best
 9.So what is Day´s Ends nearest plans now?

- To release the album and write new songs. That’s it

 10.Thanks for your time!

- Thank you for the Interview! 

And check our page www.facebook.com/Daysendmetal

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