torsdag 8 januari 2015

Idolatry - First Ep -

From Edmonton IT came!

Here we have the first bloodletting from the new horde Idolatry! Members has a history with bands like Dead Jesus, Ides of Winter, Runeblade, Kryosphere, Spawned by Rot so one can expect some sweet priest slaughter!

Their early Norwegian second wave inspiration is outspoken and is nicely manifested on this demo, thoughts wanders to early Gorgoroth and the alike, hideous and grand declaration of war in other words.
Vocals creek and ghasts all over with a fitting soul spitting attitude but it also incorperates some interesting twist and turns on the vocals... and some psycho choking screams! 
Guitars is both melodic and harsh, drums has some extra good parts here and there i think and is welcomed and pushes the pulse up a notch. 
Production is not raw but nicely balanced between attack & defense.

As in the bands own words " with singular vision to be old Norway's soldier in Canada's frozen tundra of misery." you feel that they are heading in the right direction. 
All four songs here brings the old back to the front again so dont expect something "fresh".... Unfresh rotting maniac skeletons rise from their battle fields and the feeling that leaves you after this tracks is that their coming releases (a split & album) will be the of extra interest and also these coming releases will be where Idolatry show if they are here to stay or not.

Best tracks would be for me the first and the last.

Here is some tasty merchs...

Keep an eye on DEATH TO PEACE PRODS for coming releases!

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