onsdag 28 januari 2015

Sarkrista - The Evil Incarnate

Here we have the latest offering from the German pest bringers Sarkrista!

This time around its an Ep thats filled with their forlorn hate gospels, as my ears are pretty fresh from
listening of their past two splits it was like the nightmare just continued without stop...

Their sound is as ever sounding with the cold melodic second wave blowing in their winds but with their own ghasting blasphemic curses of course, their sound is firmly intact but what can be said of these new songs is that the production is a bit cleaner and stronger overall and i also like Revenants new vocal variations which brings in a deeper aspect to Sarkristas proud soul.
More meat on the dusty bones.

The compositions sound more noble and empowered then ever and the first song (track 2 cuz track one is a nice dark intro) is one of the best songs they have made i think, last track is also one of their top stuff also. Chilling and grand!

A good Ep with enough content and death on it to make it worth your cash and also makes one intrigued for the second album, feels like that one will be extra intricate and i have a feeling that this horde will evolve with significance there also.
 time will tell.

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