onsdag 14 oktober 2015

Belchior - selftitled

After the demo "I Despise Jesus Christ" in 2007 now comes the full length album from this one man band thats located in the United States, i had not heard that 2-tracked debut demo but luckily for me its included at the end of this release.

So whats in store here? As you can judge (at least i did) by the cover its a pretty heavy atmospheric album but it is also pretty unique sounding in the sense that the songs avoid the traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus (nothing wrong with cut & paste compositions of course though) and goes for reasonable long compositions that evolve in their own fashion and pace, all very blackish doomish vibe that takes your thoughts to some...well just look at the cover. Dark emanations  is surrounding the chapel walls!

Besides from the regular instruments quite some keyboards/organs is used to good effect and the vocals structure is floating more or less over/under the actual music. Production is nice and solid...maybe could have integrated the vocals a bit but that is a minor nitpick.

...And speaking of the vocals they are pretty special... a bit like what you can find in the more mental drawer in DSBM shelf, sure some maniac witch screaming like Burzum can be traced but also disturbing howls like Silencer... quite obnoxious hehe.
Have a tendency to hit that aggro nerve.

So folk if you like to take a dive into a satanic asylum ritual with some great soundtrack like grand pieces please then go and dive here.

Track list:

1.     A Life with No Light: The Olden Days         
2.     Kingdom of the Midnight Arts         
3.     Beelzebuth (Mystifier Cover)         
4.     A Life with No Light: Unholy Ghost         
5.     Enthroned by Hell's Fire         
6.     ...Cold Winds Are Calling Me        
7.     Orgy in the House of Your God (Demo 2007)        
8.     I Despise Jesus Christ (Demo 2007) (i think this is my favorite track and the first one)

Released by :Ordo Draconian Black Label
mail:  ordodraconianblacklabel@gmail.com
Band FB page:

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