lördag 31 oktober 2015

Hotter then hell update!

*I am thinking of collecting the unprinted interviews from the digital RAW WAR domain into the next RAW WAR #4. Here is the first simple little promo for that.

*Besides this the next Cloven Hoof with exclusive material is planned for spring 2016.
First booked band interview for this is: Hellvetron

* Another thing that i am proud of is that i got to do a cover art for a soon to be released Drowning the Light 7" titled "Reaping the Night".

Out on Psychedelic Lotus Order/goatowarex 
Other releases from them is:
WAXGOAT029 Drowning The Light (Aus) "The war that never ends" LP
WAXGOAT034 Baal Gadrial (Aus) Decade of Intolerance LP


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