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Hekel Interview!

Welcome back to RAW WAR!
 Last time we spoke it was under the Gestalt banner, how have the time been since then? 

- Greetings, Dagon speaking.
 Correct, with Gestalte it was some time ago now. Things had been a bit stormy on the personal side... but i am in more neutral waters now

2. Ok, first question is the usual one but i have to ask how you geared up in 1994 and how the road was for you towards getting the first demo "Doodskou" out in 1997(98?) through One Thousand Days in Sodom Productions? How was the end of the 90´s in Netherlands? 

- Yes, Those were very different times. 
Me and Mictian at that time had both other bands those days, also did other bands together too, back then.... I started to write material for Hekel around 93/94... 
than it came to a halt for a short period...
and later in 94 i asked Mictian to do drums for this when it was still a project, he Joined, and it became a band. The drummer and me had similar ideas on Mysticism and Occultism, from these spiritual ways and ideas Hekel was formed. we tried keeping it personal and anonymous for very personal spiritual reasons(that worked quite a wile, the secret identity etc...) but gone to hell eventually in the late 90's... too many people were talking, the coming of the internet with all its crap etc... we could not stop it... and the rumors became worse between 2000 and 2006, later after De Dodenvaart was unleashed through Total Holocaust Records we made clear it was Me and Mictian, and a some session members. 

When our first demo was released in the 90's : Doodskou'' it was no problem keeping it all a secret. 
Hekel is still Me and Mictian now, and forever be so. And its also no secret who the session members are, it changes sometimes, all good friends of us. One can find it easily on the Net.

the end of the 90's... yeah changed a lot, crappy internet etc.... the destruction of underground tape-trading and zine's, those were the better days. One thousand days in Sodom was Mictians label, we released much our stuff on his his label tus also Hekel.

 3.Then what happened with the band for it to stay silent until 2006?!

- yes, we had quite a silence after 2006.. it was ok for us.... people could not grasp us. we did a one private concert though in 2006, for a deceased comrade... together with our comrades of Funeral winds and Weltbrand.

 4.The first full album "De dodenvaart" (2006) is sure a creepy, dark and good album, how was the work behind it? And who the fuck is creeping on the cover? 

The Dodenvaart was a concept album, Me , Mictian, and one of our session members wrote it down.... it followed up the 'Doodskou' cassette, as a Occult dark journey of dark-Heathen/Luciferian paths of enlightenment... with Germanic-heathen-shamanistic elements, the Rune's, Choas gnosticism, and local elements and hauntings of the local areas were Hekel was born... The front cover/piture is our drummer Mictian, the picture in side on the booklet is Me.

5.Can you shed som light on the stories/lyrics to these two songs: De eeuwige jachtvelden & Sater's Wederkeer ? 

- De eeuwige jacht velden' (Fields of The Eternal hunt)... is a song about the past being very much alive, but only not for everybody to see or sence. Its also about the betrayal of the common human worthless sheep. Its also about dark personal episodes etc... 
But its also about longing for a certain darkness thats not easely to see or find anymore... to find it once agian- the journey requires to lower and to destroy the false human ego. its about a personal Dark-Heathen/Luciferian path. And 'Sater's Wederkeer' (The Sator's Return), is about the return of The dark forces of Nature. These are both old songs, were re-recorded for the Dodenvaart, though De eeuwige jachtvelden originally came from an older promo, not the 'Doodskou' cassette

6.Then in 2010 Heidens Hart Records released the Rehearsal 2005 tape, was this tape never proper released in 2005? I think i saw some about Reissue of the demo “Doodskou” on CD? 

- The 2010 tape through Heidens Hart, was originally an old promo indeed, with re-recordings for the later Dodenvaart full length. We thought also to release these promo versions, limited, Heidens Hart wanted to do this for us back then. And it is correct, there is a re-release of our original ''Doodskou' cassette from the 90's now on cd...
still available on Heidens Hart.


7.I saw you played some live rituals recently in Under the Black Sun Festival! Great band line-up i say! 
How was it to play there? Did you get to see some band yourselves? 

- Yes, UTBS was a nice experience for us, We wernt really Used to the intense summer heat in middle Germany. the heat really fucked me up. 
but we had a great time, sometimes a bit chaotic, we played for quite a good crowd of fanatics. And bands we saw, Korgonthurus from Finland, nice to see them there, we also played with them with Gestalte in Finland, we saw Craft, Impaled nazarene, etc and much more

 8.Any Hekel t-shirt in the works? 

- There are still some limited Logo/Flame shirts to get from Hekel, through our FB official, or through Heidens Hart

9.And the big question i guess is: when can one hope to hear new music from Hekel? 

- We are working on new Hekel episodes... it can take a wile, but there is more new Hekel to come

10. Thanks for your answers! 
Last word is yours.


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