tisdag 26 januari 2016

Skygge - Antiqua Ignis

Last year this Norwegian one-man (Skyggemester) band Skygge released a second and last (?) full length album called "Antiqua Ignis" (means something like Ancient Flame) through the label Immortal Frost Production.

If this is the last of Skyggen then he stop at the top of his game as this album is  a powerful occult journey through the spheres of  death and transcendence beyond.
With hypnotic mid to fast riffing and abyssic drumming as a violent wall and superb ghastly  guest vocals by Adramelech (Svarthaueg ) the experience you find here is great! Sure it is not so much variations between the songs it does not matter much as they melt together nicely into a big black nekro ritual.

The sound and feeling here reminds me some of Hetroertzens album "Exaltation of Wisdom" which is not a bad thing.

It is quite a long album but nothing really drags out...rather you get dragged down into the void.

The production is a mix of spacy raw layers but all parts is at the same time very hearable. Effective in other words.

Track list:
1.     Antiqua Ignis     07:17      
2.     Apokalyptiske visjoner     06:50      
3.     Draconis Serpentis     04:44      
4.     Heks     06:26      
5.     Katakombe     04:52     
6.     Necro Attitude     05:32      
7.     Nocte Initium Imperium     05:29    
8.     Svarte vinger     06:36      
9.     Skyggen     04:55      
10.     Nocte Initium Imperium (Necro version)     05:45    

Total: 58:26

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