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AntimateriA Interview!

Let us start off with the regular stuff like how this band got conceived, when, why and how in other words. And do you have former band experiences?

-Greetings! This project started when my friend who I was playing with,
announced that he has no time anymore for an active band rehearsals.
So I had no other option than to make everything by myself, but without any compromises, and with my personal vision that was hiding in my subconscious for a long time. It took about three years to get the album done, but I´m so fucking relieved that it's finally ready. 

And sure I have some former band experiences yes, but let just leave it there..

2.In 2010 a Swedish science group called ALPHA succeeded with help from CERN to capture atoms from antimateria in a so called "atom trap"...
...sounds risque. i myself is no expert regarding antimateria and the danger handling with it... 
As you choose AntimateriA as a band name i believe you got some take on the matter, how would you describe antimateria and what do you think it is and what it is for? 
Is it a part of the never ending dualistic nature like if there is matter there must be antimatter.

- I can say that I'm no expert either what comes to the scientific side of the subject, but I am a big fan of science and like to watch documentaries and read articles concerning cosmos, so I know enough that I was confident to use antimateria also the name of the band. Antimateria is the ultimate dark side,
the symbol of death and destruction and still so mysterious for mankind, in other words perfect for my lyrical theme. 

3. What is your thoughts about the stuff CERN does? One has heard all sort of weird rumors like opening dimension portals etc etc.

 - That is exciting yeah, but I'm afraid it would need much bigger equipments to make any effective portals, but I also do hope and dream that one day they really would be able to make a black hole which eventually would swallow the whole solar system and so on, I would only call that a justice of nature.

4. Let´s go back to the music, how was the experience creating this debut album "VALO AIKOJEN TAKAA"and is it the very first release? 
You describe it on the flyer as cosmos glorifying Black Metal, do you see cosmos as a kind of "GOD" or that the cosmos/ dark matter is "HIS" body.

- One word: HORRIBLE. Cosmos is the ultimate inspiration for me, a window to
eternity and path which I can't take before my death. Nothing to do with any God,
 all life is just a mutation of particles and every living form is responsible for
 its own actions. I believe in coincidence.

5. I see you got two great labels to release the album, Purity through Fire & Worship Tapes, how did you come in contact?

-  I got a contact via my German friend.

6. How do you feel about Finlands black metal history and current state? 
I myself is a total sucker for so many Finnish bands haha but do you have a theory why So much quality BM comes from your land? 

 - Well that is a hard question for me, I don't feel to be a part of the scene that much and I only listen to few Finnish bands... And actually I only listen to few bands in total.. So not a clue, hahah.

7. Is the some t-shirts and stuff being released around the time the album drops?

- Yeah there should be a patches and shirts available in this year, and next year
a vinyl version of the album also.

8. Besides the album has AntimateriA more musical plans in the works?

- I have gathered a good group together, and planning some gigs atm. First one is on october at Black Mass 2 in Tampere. And of course gonna write some songs for future releases.   

9. Thanks for your time answering these questions, last word is yours!

- Thank you, actually nothing wise words to say after graveyard shifts,
think I'm going back to bed now, hahah.. 



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