onsdag 17 augusti 2016

Curse / Styggelse / WAN - Necroholic

This split kicks off with a filthy and rocking track from Curse, this is a proud worshipping of the Motörhead roots (sure there are plenty of bm stuff here and also some stoner on the 2nd track) and last but not least the vocalist could (almost) fool me if he said that he was Lemmy resurrected! Yeah often he really sounds like him which is of course great but a bit weird hehe...it sounds like if Lemmy had decided to do his own kind of black and roll band...of course the do a cover on Ace of Spades...a perfect song but played to death i think and another choice would be more intriguing to cover like perhaps Orgasmatron....either way their music is good and is a fitting band to put as a split starter!

Next up is the splits highlight namely Styggelse! These 3 tracks they present here is perhaps the best music they ever done, really chaotic & nasty black metal that also has some of their roots from Motörhead (but not so obvious as Curse). Angel Bloodshed is the cream of the Satanic crop! i cant get enough of these tracks!
Music that make you slay angels!

Last but not least we have the barbaric WAN, the only time before i have heard them was on their 2010 album "Wolves of the North" and that album was quite good but did not go and look for more from them but here they really have grown into a bloody double steak that i love to eat! ...to be more precise i like their new sound (perhaps they sounded like this also on "Enjoy the Filth" album but i have not heard it), the vocals are more obscured and distant and the overall style and sound is an roughed up style compared to Wolves album. It is groovy but also so very heavy in a muddy way.

This split is a no brainer really, good stuff from start to finish, the bands both have their own style but also shares the soul of outlaw rock.

........Instead playing Highway to Hell i think Ramirez would be more then happy blasting this in his car stereo when heading for his next kill!

Track list:
1.     Curse - Exploding Head     02:05    
2.     Curse - The Observer     06:21    
3.     Curse - War of One     03:26    
4.     Curse - Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)02:41    
5.     Styggelse - Angel Bloodshed 03:55    
6.     Styggelse - Stay True To Satan For Eternity 04:28    
7.     Styggelse - No Team in I     02:37    
8.     WAN - In Your Face     02:17    
9.     WAN - Dirty Bastards     02:02    
10.     WAN - I brand     02:48    
11.     WAN - På korset vi kräks 02:24    
12.     WAN - Faun     05:05    
      Total: 40:09     

Released by The True Plague & Satanath Records & Black Plague Records

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