onsdag 31 augusti 2016

Ars Veneficium - The Reign of the Infernal King

After around three years of existence and two Ep´s (one of them a live recording plus first Ep stuck on a tape) and a split with Azaghal they have finally arrived to the point of their first full album to birth!

Right from the start it is evident that AV have matured and hone their craft, the stay true to their traditional roots of course but they have put in so much more into the songs, many infectious melodies lies waiting in almost every song and the whole album is a well balanced beast of exploding intense rage and nostalgic and melancholic parts.
They have really stepped up their game for this to be a strong and proud first album!

To dissect it a bit much of the main enjoyment is from the guitar parts (besides the album as a whole) but the harsh vocals melts into the music just right and the mighty ending of the forth track is just magic. Drums is solid with their blastings etc and even the bass gets some nice shining bits like in the ninth song. Some few movie samples is also used for good measure, all in all the atmosphere is spot on satanic... even if you never get surprised by the content it is well made and is alive.

The sound production is standard but solid, nothing extra good about it but the music hold up with ease anyways...the cover art is great and depicts the infernal king nicely.Booklet and all has a nice design also the lyrics is solid for its cause. Nothing to complain about hehe

This album will or should put Ars Veneficium on the map or radar or whatever, just get it while you can!

Track list:

1.     Intro     01:17    
2.     Damnation of the Soul     04:36    
3.     Fallen to the Realm     05:45    
4.     Angel of Angels     06:02    
5.     Extinguished Are the Candles of Holiness     05:37    
6.     Reign in Darkness     03:01    
7.     As Flames Spread into Chaos     05:28    
8.     Thy Will, My Hands     03:29    
9.     Bringer of Light     06:31    

Released by Immortal Frost
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