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Chotzä - Bärner Bläck Metal Terror

The mysterious 500 year old "The Child eater of Bern" statue that grace the cover sets the ground fondation well for this top BM album! (some rumors says its depicting a jew eating the babies...would not be surprised there.)

I usually dont review releases song by song but here is an exception, first song carries the cover art theme with crying babies sample etc (love the intros old school horror synth style) and is an kick-ass start of the album! Blistering cold guitars blast out with screams and howls! The air fills with ominous clouds and the sun turns black! Pretty traditional 90´s black metal but with its own Bärnian  flair of decadence, nice variation in rythms through the song & with some good tasteful guitar solos & nice bass parts (and secondary guitar melodies peaks the track even more) towards the end, vocals is good, ugly and raw and is well placed into the mix. (as in every song) A great grand start!

Second song comes out and  swinging its dick!
First one gets quite surprised as it has a upbeat jumpy drum stomp similar to Mansons Golden Age of Grotesques "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag" (inspiration from swing, burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville movements of Germany's Weimar Republic-era) but then they blend it with great ease into their own song as it progresses, nasty and rocking song that stands out as one of the best on the album and i feel it would be great show stopper out on their gigs.

Third song for me is the weakest song or should i say not-as-good as the others, it slows down the tempo and gets a bit darker & somber.... its fine  but just has not as memorable compositions as the other songs. It fits well though in its place on the album as a bone-bridge between the more golden-meat songs.

Fourth track picks up the tempo again and has bit of an blackish moody folk melody without sounding off in any way... second half is best i think with its more melancholic atmosphere, nice screams wailing over the soundscape. As i have no knowlage of their language i have no clue on what they are singing about besides some clues here and there (like on the first song) but i feel their songs are enough vibrant to paint up visions in them selfs to not be a problem.

Fifth song smells quite much of Carpathian Forests Strange old Brew (more precicely the  Thanatology song) but just as the second song they morph their inspiration into their own hellish little tale, and i think they even kicks CF in the balls abit towards the later part of the song when they includes parts with Harpsichord (think Mozart´ish style piano) and from there on its magnificent! The scream, the drums, the guitar and bass and vocals are perfect and that Harpsichord outro  to top it off  makes it to one of my personal high points of music i heard in a long time. Magic!

Sixth song kicks in the door and rapes your daughter...and the dog! Then its over haha its more like an hate interlude then a full song.

And now we have come to the final song and it picks up kind of the sounds of the first song but includes a surprisingly neat acoustic guitar melody that is used together with the rest as a main lead, both harsh and "soft".... like a smack then a caress then smack again.
Some sweet inclusion of harmonicas comes in a bit in the song and some guitar solos. It could gone soo bad with the use of these things but the band does it perfectly!

When the album is over you feel fulfilled and enriched for sure, for this is easly one of this years best albums! It is perhaps a bit short but better short and tight then being too long and boring.
 Pick it up either on CD (Souhung Records) or on tape (Worship Tapes) or soon on vinyl (Sturmglanz production)

Track list
1.     Chindlifrässer     06:38    
2.     Jammergschtautä     04:49    
3.     Drumhuldigämiramleid     06:05    
4.     Ds Chunmerlied     04:47    
5.     Schizophrenia     08:28    
6.     B.B.M.T     01:33    
7.     Nuttämord (Im Mon Bijou)     05:43    

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