onsdag 20 december 2017

Vampahyuhr - TOME (demo I)

Into the long and winding meditative void

This first demo from Vampahyuhr serves as a solid ground to build upon for this one-man band (?) i think as what you get here is a cohesive sound of bleak winter night tunes, the longing for that final sleep is portrayed here in a traditionall early DSBM way (not that crying baby style but rather like an attack against those weak and close to take that last step...to do it) with long buzzing gloomy loops of guitar riffs and some dark acoustic interludes, simple but working drums. Vocals is screaching a bit down in the pit (mix) like he is trying to pull you down. All in all it is a nice start (i enjoy its simple but straight existence) even if its not soo memorable music wise.

For people suffering from serious depressions or similar i cant say how this music would effect them as i dont suffer from stuff like that myself...so no i wont kill myself listening to this, sorry. hehe... rather i feel it has that meditative black ambience comfort that i feel right at home with.

Extra plus for the band logo, i hope to see this band evolve as i have a feeling there is potential to deflower & abuse here.

If you are into this type of BM give Vampahyuhrs first demo TOME a shoot!

1. The Prelude To My Death
2. To Endure An Eternity Alone
3. Dysphoria
4. As I Walk Into The Sunlight
5. Entering The Gates Of Purgatory
6. Endless Suffering
7. The End Of This Lifelessness

this tape is released by the Australian label Eternally Cold Records

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