måndag 25 december 2017

Moraš - Gaze of the Void

So Moraš is back again this year with its second demo tape, for those who have not listen to Moraš before he plays a very raw and hateful black metal. Pretty long songs that has the looping trance feeling that the cover art suggest, it sounds just like that!

It´s grinding your soul down into the void!

It follows up the debut " Manifest Death" good with the same misanthropic soundsscapes and meaning, it has its bleak repeating riffs but also includes enough of melodies to the whole picture to be memorable. Songs has no huge differance between them but then again i think this suffocating atmosphere is enhanched by that...like a downward spiral of death.

The spiteful and screamed vocals works great to the rest as before and the production is over medium good having in mind this is a demo...but then again i dont often enjoy high-end studio clean productions. (few exceptions exists of course) It sound just as you like it to do in other words!

The tracks are untitled and i dont know how long each song is  but the tape clocks in on about 24 minutes which is a fine length for this content.

Second outing of  Moraš is another solid anti-human demonstration and i look forward to the next one!

This time around Moraš is released by BLACK GANGRENE


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