fredag 4 maj 2018

Funerary Temple / Nihil Invocation - Occult Longing for the Essence

First off the American one-man band Nihil Invocation starts with his slab of gloomy hatred, honestly i have not really grasped this bands funk as i have not heard enough from it, i think the only one was last years split with Nyctophilia which was the bands second release...soo here we are a bunch of releases into this bands life....and it is a good kick of pondering mid tempo illness, raw and organic sound with a nice dose of melancholic melodies (like track 2 which sounds a bit like old DTL).
Also from time to time i get a sense of deliberate deconstructing the compositions to i guess take the atmospheres into uncomfortable places...not in a big way but just enough.
A nice trio of songs that makes me want more.

For side-B we have of course the Australian band Funerary Temple and this band i know a bit more, as the first song hits i am in familiar but threatening territory. FT cranks the sound up some notches with its wall of noise and insanity.
They have from the get go another goal in mind compare to NI to simply climb up on your back and push you down into the swamp. If NI is on the fringe of insanity FT has jumped over the fence with a happy shout! It seems a bit improvised but it works just fine here, vocal shreiks float over the cacophonia as a mad man on the run.
It is not all loose around the frames though there are some enough focused patterns that underlines it all. Good shit!

Also plus to the nice tape layout.

Oops! Here you see the next tape review also hehe

Side A
1.     Nihil Invocation - Chaotic Forms Absorb Existence     04:32    
2.     Nihil Invocation - Darkness Entrenches My Being and I Become Whole     04:36    
3.     Nihil Invocation - Destructive Specters Beckon Steadily     03:39    
Side B
4.     Funerary Temple - Morbid Coffin Lust     04:25    
5.     Funerary Temple - Vessels of Blood for...     05:49    
      Total 23:01

Another solid and interesting raw split released from Hateworks!

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