onsdag 9 maj 2018

Waffenträger Luzifers - Ten Years of Total Goat Worship

Last year this Germanian horde released their summarizing CD-hell of 10 years rizing the evil fires high!!
For those who have not come in contact with these maniacs they play in a manic satanic black metal with a heavy leaning towards the rythms of RAC/punk. Vocals are mental, shouty & spitting.

It is primal and stomping and hatefull, the nice thing with listening to a compilation like this in cronological order is to experience their evolution (well perhaps a bit grand word for this subject...)
The biggest jump in sound (not a big jump per se) is from the first and second release, first has the least black in it and it brings my thoughts a bit towards the Japanese band Antifeminist which is nothing bad but not Black metal, then with the riffs on 666 track on second release "Blasphemic hymns for the Horned one" just hits the head on the nail! Really  sharp and venomous and Thrashy (love this track!)
Then trough out all these twenty songs they they stick pretty much to their brand of manic hysterical primitive hymns, front line demonic party songs!

Production is good enough even on the live and rehearsal it sounds ok.

A must for the fans and for new ones it is a good place to start getting into this barbaric hell-club.


1.     Satan's Gift        
2.     All Power for Satan        
3.     666        
4.     Dämonen der Hölle        
5.     Satan's Terrorist        
6.     Bastard        
7.     Fear the Fury of Satan        
8.     Hail the Race of Satan        
9.     Thunderbelial (Heretic-Cover)        
10.     Rock for Satan        
11.     Tanks of Satan        
12.     Master Satan        
13.     Shut Up Bastard and Die        
14.     Slut of Hell (Bitch-Version)        
15.     Blood for Satan - Cut Your Flesh        
16.     Waffenträger Luzifers (Live)        
17.     Destroy (Live)        
18.     Satan Starts the War (Live)        
19.     New World Order (rehearsel-version)        
20.     The Blachk Cult Will Never Die (rehearsel-version)

Released by :
Totaldeath records and      Stunde des Ideals Produktionen

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