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Diabolus Interview! Straight from the turbulent New York!

Today we have an interview with one of the only real raw black metal bands from New York namely Diabolus! They have recently released their first full album so i thought it was time to have a little chat with the main man in charge.

1.How did you come in contact with black metal & which bands inspired you to "take action"?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- definitely the whole norwegian scene. mayhem, darkthrone, burzum and the whole story behind them is fascinating. even though the first wave bands are legendary, the black heart of black metal is in norway. so, much respect to all the norwegian bands. i draw inspiration from anything that's underground, raw and dirty. i can't stand mainstream music.

2. Is it common in your neighbourhood to be into this kind of thing?

ANGEL OF LIGHT-  HELL NO! there is not much of a black metal scene in new york. there are a few black metal bands from brooklyn(some douchebag wrote a "black metal manifesto"- lol), but they don't play in the style i like or how i feel black metal should sound. as far as that early 90's style is concerned, it's DIABOLUS and that's it. 

3. Was the work process for the debut album Diabolus an troublesome time or did it flow out

ANGEL OF LIGHT- the work process for the debut album was excellent. 
making music can be time consuming, but i enjoyed writing the lyrics and recording for this album. i had many ideas i wanted to get out there for quite some time, so lyrically this was me getting alot off my mind. king antichrist is a fantastic musician as well, and his playing here fit my vocals perfectly. he is no longer with band, but we wished each other mutual continued success.

4. Any favorite song from your creation?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- i would say burn the church, black mass and descent into darkness. i wanted to do a tribute to the norwegian scene and tell the story of the church burnings in the video, which i think burn the church does. 
black mass is a rockin' track to me. i wanted to make something that was raw, but also a little bit catchy. 
i think we accomplished that. descent into darkness is basically describing joining the left hand path. descending into darkness, or the occult, so to speak and finding strength from it.

Listen to "Burn the Church" via this link:


5. Describe the concept/world of Diabolus?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- The Accuser/The Devil is obviously what the name means. i take pride in the fact that Diabolus is one of the few bands where i'm from, that is playing what i consider to be real deal black metal. underground, raw, satanic...etc. but, also to be different in not limiting the audience. 
having digital downloads available. it's 2013, not fucking 1988...FUCK TAPES!!! you print tapes as a bonus for nostalgia purposes. get your music out there. don't be a dick! that's where i differ somewhat from the traditional "rules" so to speak. 
i want as many people as possible to hear my music, not just a "chosen few." that's just ridiculous to me.

6. Any new music in the pipeline?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- absolutely. always writing new lyrics, working on a collaboration with ritual suicide and there will be a new Diabolus album in the near future.

7. Will the album come out on cd etc?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- yes, i will be ordering cd's as well as some tapes for shits and giggles. i might have to buy an old radio to play my own tape.

8. Has the "dive" into the darkside change your personality/persona in any way?
In creating your Diabolus album has it made your soul colder or?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- Great question. what i get from satanism and black metal is strength. not depression or suicidal feelings. 
it lifts me up instead of bringing me down. i guess you can say it made me colder, but in a way that was good for me and who i am as an individual. wiser possibly, with much more of an ego. 
when i put on my corpse paint, i'm an arrogant, elitist, asshole. lol.

9. Any prospects in playing some live gigs?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- i would never leave out that possibility, but not at this time.

10. Any last words?

ANGEL OF LIGHT- make sure you get a copy of DIABOLUS and stay tuned for the next album...
thanks for the interview!

 For more info & music please check out Diabolus youtube-channel here:


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