torsdag 28 mars 2013


Take one sincere hatefull slabb of Norwegian black metal and one gory foul smelling death metal chunk and "intricately" smash them together and you starting to come near the unfriendly entity called Orcustus! (members from Djevel, Nettlecarrier,Amok etc)

This is good shit! Riveting good!

Its like a mix of early Gorgoroth, Urgehal and TAAKE but with some rocking backbone here & there!
Great balanced production of raw misanthropic aura and thick & powerfull shockwaves! It is like the music is a rolling thunder and the strangled and raspy singing is leading it straight to Hades! With a long line of corpses after them...

Good riffings and intriguing  build-ups through out! Nothing goes to waste, solid

But my favorites must be track 1,2,6,7

Track list:

1.     Coil    
2.     Of Sophistry, Obsession and Paranoia    
3.     Conversion    
4.     Jesus Christ Patricide    
5.     Death and Dissolution    
6.     Ego Sum Chaos    
7.     Asphyxiokenisis    

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