söndag 17 mars 2013

Dødsfall Interview

 Time has come to have a little chat with  the dark entity called -

1.Thanks for doing this interview Ishtar, how are you doing on this bleak & cold weekend?

Doing fine man thanks.

2. Please describe Dødsfall purpose & aim, what kind of desires motivated you to create this band?

 I wanted to create music inspired by the music/bands that inspired me in the beginning when I started top play Black Metal which was around 96-97. The purpose? Its to release the demons inside and play a style that is a passion to me.

3. Of all of Dødsfall’s releases do you have any of them that you are extra satisfied with? Some songs or albums/Eps that hit the coffin-nail on its head?

Im satisfied with all the releases, everyone has its special feeling. What i have is fave songs perhaps or fave certain riffs. 

4.How has the live situation been for Dødsfall? Do you have any anecdotes from any of your concerts? ....if not any anecdotes from the dodsfalls overall life experience? Any nasty gossip?

We havent play live yet.

Well then its about time then! I (and many others) like to witness Dødsfall in full regalia twisting the stage with its black aura.

5. If someone like to get hold of any Dødsfall merchandise where would they turn? Any new merch stuff on the horizon?

 People can contact our labels Obscure Abhorrence Productions and Unexploded Records, look for them on Google. There’s official shirts too. 

6. How has the reception been for your latest ep "Kronet i Svart eld"?

Its doing great you know, its kinda funny to me at least because people seems to like more the EP than the previous álbum which was recorded on the same sessions. 

Everything has its own time in space i think &  Dødsfalls time is now more then ever if you ask me.

7.What´s the story behind the use of the samples from the movie "Sjunde inseglet"(The Seventh Seal )? Is any of you guys a cultivated movie buff?

Not really, I have the movie on dvd and I like it so much, I feel that its a very dark movie so I wanted to have some samples of it since the beginning of the band, you can hear something too on “Den Svarte Skogen” album.

8.What do you think of the black metal climate in Norway these days? Any band you think holds the black flame alive?

There tons of bands nowdays which could be good but in someway is not. 
I think that bands like Taake, Ragnarok and Tsjuder perhaps are taking the Norwegian Black Metal flag high, even the newers like Kirkebrann and Svarthaueg but I don’t know…I dont see Norway as a force like it was 20 years ago.

 9.What can we expect from Dødsfall under 2013?

 We will enter studio on March 25th to record a new album at Endarker Studio with Devo of Marduk, I think it will be an amazing album that will destroy your ears.

I´ll certainly look forward to that!

10. Any final words?

DØDSFALL spiller Black Metal for mørke sjeler, Tack som fan for din support Jane. 
Stay tuned for the new album… Ishtar

 The pleasure is all mine!

May the morning star lead you to victory!

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