tisdag 26 mars 2013

Crimson Moon - Under the Serpentine Spell

Time to sink your teeth into one of the gems of the serious occult black metal albums!

Crimson Moons  Under the Serpentine Spell released in 1997 as an "rehearsal" and after that only more or less bad bootlegs followed. In 2004 a proper release was made with some needed mastering & fixing.
Sure this is still a rehearsal so the overall mixing is not the best but nevertheless this is essential listening.

The first thing that will hit you is that this work of art is heavily backed by great keyboard scores that takes your ordinary black metal to another dimension precisely as the band aims for.
Usually i dont like keyboard stuff but this is made in such a way that i buy it!

It such a dense work that it will take you some time to deciffer it, much of the Sumerian mythology thats in focus here will serve as an alluring hint of Crimson Moons real goal. From Tiamat to the final chaotic cosmic confrontation...

Each song feels like a mixture of a moviescore, ritual and wall-of-sound BM composition. the singing is in both in clean talking modes and your classical witch screamings and they serve the music well.

The songs build through one esoteric layer to the next and after the one hour this album ends with an lingering outro, melodic and brutal is the scars that this record leave just as the dwelling micro & macro universe and its ever concealed mysteries to us humans leaves too.

Track List:

1.     Cults of the Shadow (Intro)    
2.     Chaos of the Sea (Mummu Tiamat)    
3.     Raise the Horns of Battle    
4.     Amidst the Labyrinths of Depression    
5.     The Withering Rose of Purity    
6.     The Blood That Is Eternal    
7.     Her Cursed Kiss    
8.     Bloodstained Dreams of the Dragon    
9.     Under the Serpentine Spell    
10.   Outro (Within the Dreaming Mind of the Seperate)        
 11.  bonus track

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