fredag 25 oktober 2013

Infuneral / The Last Knell split

Splits can be a tricky thing to make, either the bands can sound to alike or almost worlds apart but sometimes as in this case the both bands balances each other nicely and creates an interesting and meaty release!

Infuneral starts this hellbound party with three hymns of second wave black metal, what hits me early on is that
Infuneral has changed somewhat sure this is Infuneral alright but they have shifted a bit away from their bitter
cold shadow world to a more ancient sounding nordic warrior.
And with this almost medieval transcendence comes a even sharper and experienced song compositions and structures.
It all fits very well together and all parts boosts each other very good, it is clearly one of the strongest
Infuneral releases so far.
Their third track here (which is also sung in Swedish) "Inferno" sounds perhaps the most like the old Infuneral
and does not incorporate the sound of the old & proud northern heritage but leans more to the bleak and
anti cosmic void.

As good as these songs are i feel this is more teasing then fulfilling because now i like to have a new full
album from them! Goddamn i hope they have one underway soon!

The other and last part of this split is from The Last Knell and they serve up an dissonant witch soup of
blackened death metal and sounds like a bastard child of early Katharsis and Autopsy.
It feels fitting that this songs takes off after Infunerals "Inferno" due to the anti cosmic reverberance and
deep thuggin morbid riffs The Last Knell creates, they is also obviously a prominent horde and know what they are doing with their dynamic compositions and varied tempos and feels.

This is the first time i hear this band so i cant really compare this to anything other they done but after
hearing this i am more then eager to search for their back catalog and look out for their coming attractions.

All in all a engaging & solid good split and to top this beast off the artwork is obscure and great thanks to Sang Ho Moon from Misanthropic Art Productions who also releases this split together with Fallen Angels.

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