lördag 5 oktober 2013

Carthaun - Brachland

The black regiment attacks!

This third album from Carthaun hits the spot!

As they have grown from each demos and through the first two albums
they or i should say "him" (S.) because he composed most of it himself have
now arrived to a point of where Carthaun sounds fulfilled and enriched.

As S.says in the earlier interview here on RawWar "I wanted the audience to experience
the sound of war and battle but also the effects that war has on human life and landscape:
emptiness, loneliness, desolation. It’s up to you to decide if I managed."

I say he managed! and besides these well describing points i think the dramatic narrative
is important to focus on here because it is a driving force from start to finish.
It feels very much like a movie even with some acting lines, between songs and sometimes
cutting up songs comes atmospheric pieces that fits well into the storytelling as the sound of distant fires, raging horses and harsh winds blowing over the wastlands.

Even with all this cinematic compositions intertwining it all you still get the
great fierce black metal combat-tracks you are after and even some "post battle" mourning melancholic songs all sung with an highpitched orchish spite.

The only song thats on this good album that will really surprise you is track 8
"Lied vor der Schlacht" which is like an old folkish punk song that feels like one you
could hear in a pub under or after a war about some heroic but tragic fate of a soldier.
I like this song and it have the right "old" vibe to it, the only song i use to skip is
"Rezitativ II" which is just like the first one a on purpose repetitive song but i feel
it is a little to tedious for its own good.

Other then that a recommend this album for those who like experience their second waveish
black metal with a large taste of bloody cinematic war.

Track list:

1.     Initium Finis         
2.     Black Regiment         
3.     Allvater         
4.     Rezitativ I         
5.     Noch ist die Freiheit nicht verloren         
6.     Nicht betteln nicht bitten         
7.     Rezitativ II        
8.     Lied vor der Schlacht    
9.     Finis Initium

Released by Ewiges Eis Records

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