fredag 25 oktober 2013

Thorngoth Interview!

1. Hails! Would it be correct to say you could celebrate a decade of Thorngoth now?

-Yes, that’s correct! We started 10 years ago in 2013. But we got the name Thorngoth about a year later. 

2. Now when you have released your forth album "Schwarz-Karg-Kalt" how would you describe the bands growth from the start to now?

- In the very first days we were influenced by raw old school Black Metal and Thrash Metal. From album to album we developed our style and other extreme metal genres like death metal or doom metal got a larger part of our music. 

3. And as many bands that has existed this long (or even shorter) and been as active as you have use to run into creative draining or gets side tracked from their way, how has the ups and down been and how do you stay focused?

- We tried to do something different at every album but we did never get too far away from our roots. We always wanted to create that kind of music that we want to listen ourselves. That’s the only thing that matters. 

4.To get back to your latest album, where the goals set from the start here or did it change face from time to time? What would you say is the "red line" through all the songs?

- The red line is the lyrical concept and the atmosphere of the whole album. The album is about the universe and how it could end one day. At the beginning of the songwriting our goal was to create the music around this lyrical concept. 

5. Whats the motive behind the use of the pyramid on the cover?

- The pyramid is a symbol for everything that mankind stands for or creates is impermanent, also its very existence. The pyramid is a metaphor for the bygone. 

6. If you have done any gigs this year how did they go?

- Until now we did only gig this year, in September. It was great for us. And also for the audience, I guess. 

7. And about the gigs do you feel you can get your grand & massive sound as one get used from your records live? I guess it different from stage to stage.

- It’s always different when you’re playing live. The sound depends on the Equipment and the sound engineer who’s responsible at the show. To get the same sound as on the records is nearly impossible, except for the guitars. 

8. Is there any line-up with bands you would enjoy more then others to tour with?

- A line-up with Todgelichter or Dark Fortress would be great. We know these guys and get on well with them. 

9. Is there vinyl or/and tape versions of your releases?

- There are no plans to release our album on vinyl. We still got many copies of the CD and we don’t have the money to produce a vinyl version now. 

10. So how does the rest of Thorngoth year looks like?

- There are nearly two months left this year and we will play one gig in November in Innsbruck/Austria. Besides that nothing more will happen this year. 

11. Thanks for your time! Last howl is yours!

- Thanks for your support and the interview! 

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