måndag 23 mars 2015

Deep Dark Forest - Demo 2015

From dark side of Mexico comes the first gloomy demo from Deep Dark Forest!
With a flair for romance of the lost dark empire this release opens up with an eerie
intro that makes a nice start for this primal debut.

First real song "Sangre & Honor" is the best also with quite strong melodic composed parts reminiscent of early Satanic Warmaster and some Drowning the Light. Dark forgotten dreams of a grand past.

All songs keeps inside this raw bunker style with venomous intent, the production is ok for a demo with both hearable instruments & the necro aura intact. The drooling vocals could be a bit higher but not much.
I look forward the their future music because i feel they can bloom out much more.

Fans of  hateful raw black metal should take a taste of this!
A taste of murky blood and cold skies unfolds!

A extra plus for the good overall package design!

Track list:

1.     Intro        
2.     Sangre & Honor        
3.     Mi Tierra        
4.     Lluvia Negra

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