lördag 14 mars 2015

Eternal Armageddon - Black Trash Bastards

This is the second and updated demo from the Bangladesh based horde Eternal Armageddon, what we find here is a rehearsal sounding demo which by nature includes a organic live vibe and a bit distant sounding which is nice but it somewhat clips my wings to really dig deep into their music.... but that i guess will changed for a possible Ep or full length release.

Their blackened thrash metal is old school (80´s) sounding and also includes a clear rock vain that helps the headbanging to be resurrected, the 4 songs here (the fifth is a Sodom cover) have quite dark cellar sound to it and many parts of the tracks have a certain playfulness which includes nice tempo changes and unorthodox fits like the end of "Satanic Whispers" with its solo bass interlude.

I am optimistic about the bands direction and personal quirks and as long as they continue to create their hymns they will conjure better and better stuff for sure.
Keep an rotting eye open!

Riffing violence and putrid screams !

Track list:

Darkness Shalt Reign (Intro)
Hate Reincarnated
Black Thrash Bastards
Satanic Whispers
Blasphemer (Sodom cover)

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