söndag 29 mars 2015

Stormstone - Heirs of All Fights

From Spain it comes with great wrath!

The tyrant and only master of Stormstone is Erun who has been active in the field of  dusty black metal and pagan sorcery for around 20 years, you can find him in bands like Hrizg, Briargh. Deamonlord, Wolfthrone and many more.

For as far as i know this is the debut release for Stormstone and from what i can hear i would like for it
to continue to flourish because its a well made solid mid-tempo medieval black metal slab of music!

Sure you have heard it before in many ways but after listening to it a couple of times it grows pretty strong and some parts have splendid compositions and fitting dramatics that makes this stand out!

The riffings are both grand and dark in a straight forward primitive fashion that suits this mission just right. drums are mixed good strong without overpowering and the tasteful keyboards are well used. Especially this can be heard in track three (best track if you ask me!) where it heightens the feeling of doom and bloodshed of that unavoidable end. A certain melancholy is running through out it all and the mid-harsh vocals underline this nicely. It is sung in English which works of course but i am also interested to hear him sing through his mothers language....

It is quite gloomy but at the same time quite epic and one can feel the old winds of warriors on their way to the battlefield.
All in all a enjoyable and solid album in this traditional type of black metal.

Released by the Lower Silesian Stronghold!

Track list:

1.     The Glorious Storm        
2.     Clash of the Gods        
3.     Unleashed Hate        
4.     Cryhavoc of Northern Iberia        
5.     Black Woods

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