fredag 11 december 2015

Averxu Atrium - Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω

From Costa Rica this trio opens up the night sky so we can witness the midnight sun!
The members is also active in &  past activities in bands like Morbid Funeral, Zwarte Vlam, ex-Amarok, ex-Vedar Gal, ex-Kaintormenthave so one is not surprised this Ep would sound professional.
That said this was better then what i imagined!

Their sound is a mix of early evil thrash and old school death metal (with some extra nice cuts & grooves) sprinkled with some straight face occult black metal mentality.
It all start off with a good eerie instrumental intro that flips your mind above the clouds and over to the mystic orient, the first real song shows the most inspiration from Thrash and also i hear some very Brittish guitar riffing that would fit right in in the 80´s Maiden era, the vocals through out it all has a good mid dark death growling (thats quite articulated) but also blackish raspy harpies fly around and and scream as backing vocals here & there. (also chants and shouts is to be found)
Third and fifth tracks are also instrumental intermissions that continue to keep the mood on this dark path and hold your hand into the next attack. The second and last songs have less Thrash/speed traces in them and goes more into the devastating demonic slaughter and if i would pick just one i say that the "Incantatem Grimorioum Lux" song is the best but all is great even if you have heard all the original bands the inspirations comes from.

All in all a tight recording with strong production and solid epic compositions,  both headbanging and evil but at the same time feels enough sincere and serious to buy the Qliphothic esoteric vibrations and lyrics.

This was first released last year on tape by  New Order Records (as seen above here) but this review is based on this new sweet re release from Antiqua Tenebrae Records, great packaging quality and art through and through. I feel we will see more from this band soon!

Get it!

Track list:

1.     Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter        
2.     Neter Khertet        
3.      Ad bis anu kyes set (extra track only on the cd release)
4.     Incantatem Grimorioum Lux        
5.     A.F.L.I.R.        
6.     Jentyamentiu Averni

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