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Mephorash - 1557 - Rites of Nullification

"The  Rites of Nullification are a theoretical construction of as well as hymns of a wedding ceremony of the Bride of chaos, which is symbolically enacted through a siege laid on all fronts against the four Kabbalistic worlds of creation."
                              - Gilles De Laval

Even if that explanation sounds like jibberish to you this album will fulfill your desires of epic black magic metal!

This is the third full album from these Swedish/Upsala warlocks and i promise that when reminiscing about this very album in the future people will tell you this is the bands first real milestone and it is a mandatory record for any serious black metal fan.

As their last album was the "real" start for Mephorash with the embarking on a clear path into qliphothic war this third opus is where they come in (the first) full circle and shed their skin and become something new and powerful, i guess experience sculpted this dagger even sharper from the split work they did with "Ashencult" between the latest full lengths also but either way 1557 - Rites of Nullification is a grand standing evidence of dark energy transformed into notes & sonic waves....and i wont blame you if you get some "The Ninth Gate" vibes here and there. hehe

If you dont know their sound it is quite Swedish (and also Greece) with powerful mid to fast shredding menacing guitars and varied blast beats intercepted with some epic melodies without ever becoming silly, keyboards is used with great effect also and guest vocals (From bands like Ofermod, Hetroertzen, Embrace of Thorns) kick the songs even higher into orbit! Production is solid and evenly mixed with both clean parts and rough ones.

These four long songs is something thats both easy to get into and also grows through repeated listening and if you did not know this band Mephorash before you will certainly do it after this beast!

...and yeah a Ep is on its way also early next year! So dont let your ears fall off just yet.

Track list:

1.     Riphyon - The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent     09:22    
2.     Phezur - Dissolving the Sea of Yetzirah     10:43    
3.     Cheidolun - Breaking the Blade of Beriah     10:41    
4.     Berberioth - Vandalising the Throne of Atziluth     11:45    

Released by : Odium Records

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