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Gratzug - Offenbarung

From what i know this one man (Mephistopheles) band from Germany started in 2011 and since then released two demos, two Ep´s, one split and one compilation and 4 full albums and this very one is the third one....and also the first full release that i have listened to.

As the nice album design suggests the sound of Gratzug is a soaring & epic attack of atmospheric black metal, the sound has a good reverbance and production & mixes both cold parts with a bit warmer ones, melodic for sure and as often in this genre they are spread out under longer stretches and repeated and built on as the song progresses to get to mighty heights & intertwined with harsher elements through out, all is very professional done with a good taste of notes and strong feeling. Another good thing is that it really hold up well with repeated listening as it loses no power and reveals more details with time.

It takes you away to another time and place which is an unholy blessing in this time & age!

As the album is quite long (around one hour and five minutes) and the songs follow more or less the same (effective though) patterns it can get a bit samey...maybe could work best as two Eps? But that is a small niggle as the actual compositions are great!(besides two tracks towards the end that come close to pop compositions...quite hard to digest that but luckily its only in minor parts of them.)

If you have not listen to Gratzug this album is a good start i guess as it was for me and i got hungry for more.

Quality black metal music from Germany!

Best tracks is 2,3 (a must listen)

Track list:

1.     Vor         
2.     Offenbarung         
3.     Miasma         
4.     Die Nächtliche        
5.     Durch Scharfrichters Hand         
6.     Karner        
7.     Der Atmosphäre alte Geister        
8.     Strigoi         
9.     Ohne Zeit         
10.     Gottesacker         
11.     Nach

Released by Hammerbund!

Label link:

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