onsdag 30 december 2015

Shibalba - Memphitic Invocations

Here we have a nice re release (and re-mastered plus new artwork) of Shibalbas first release "Memphitic Invocations", this edition is put out by the new quality label Antiqua Tenebrae Records. (you can find the link at the end)

Just dont come looking for guitars here man!
hehe yeah this is a purely keyboard experience (maybe some other instruments also i guess if one analysis the live photos...), this is not really heading for some evil rough atmosphere of hell rather then a levitating surreal vibe and beautiful exotic forest like transcendence ( try sprinkling xanax on weed) so one can guess that the name Shibalba has something to do with "Xibalba" that is the name of the underworld in K'iche' Maya mythology, ruled by the Maya death gods and their helpers.... but then again it has very much Egyptian references on/in it so i must be in the wrong here.

So think of this as a nice lubricant for introverted  ritual journeys or just some great mystic music that gives you a big hug. :) Thick full filling ambiance from the first invocation to the last.

Members is Acherontas very own V.Priest Aldra-Al-Melekh & Karl NE/Nachzehrer. Session Live Member Nekelmu ILU... so if you have heards some of Acherontas great albums you will have heard some intros/outros that is a bit like this "Memphitic Invocations".

A plus for the great package (paper and print quality is top). I have know this Shibalba entity for awhile now and now finally have listen to it i feel hungry for more of this! They have released like 5 splits and now finally a full album so there should be no problem there.

Bands own statement-
"This Manifestation of Shadows was created as a dedication to the Lords of Eternity,Those who keep the keys of Immortality!
Embrace Us in your Holy Presence that we may behold the face of the Sun and that we may behold the Moon for Ever and Ever!
Hail to thee Ancient Ones!"

Photo by Elena Merkouri.

Track list:

1.Hemet Netjer (Invocation I) 05:34
2.Sekhem 05:34
3.Akhet 04:13
4.Udjat (Invocation II)

--Antiqua Tenebrae Records --

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