fredag 4 mars 2016

Drawn into Descent - Drawn into Descent

From Belgium comes a new Atmospheric Black Metal band...well the atmospheric part is correct but i would not call this black metal due to the music  lack of hate, negativity, satanism  and/or random anti-content but dont get me wrong these 6 tracks are enjoyable as long as you dont expect a blasphemous black metal assault!

I would rather label this music as kind of existential post rock metal with a taste for black metal sounding riffs etc, i found the music have a shimmering gleam to it and rather positive effect rather then some real depressive madness that can (i say "can" as its just as hard to find a diamond in a shitpile in the dsbm genre) be found in the world of DSBM.
Sure when one read the lyrics one can see why some could categories this as depressive music but not for me really...even if the vocalist do a good job to scream them out in pain  i found this release more of a uplifting and a bit soaring sound track to your everyday life.

The actual music sound as you by now should know by some repeated composed parts to try to drag you down into a negative blanket.... luckily these boys are pretty good musicians so the know when to change pattern and/or put on a extra layer of guitars etc, it never gets boring and it is easy to sit these 45 minutes through, it builds its parts up good (mostly in a mid tempo) and it does not matter really that i dont feel any anguish or similar things from Drawn into Descent because it has its own quality anyways to it.

All in all a nice levitating journey that fits great to have in your ears when sitting on a train/buss or whatever...yeah a kind of "road movie cozy gloom sound track" is a fitting description.

Best track is: 6

Track list:

1.     Prelude     03:18       instrumental
2.     Elude     08:44    
3.     Solitude     09:47    
4.     The Realm of Unbecoming      05:53    
5.     Pariah     08:19    
6.     Gallows     09:39    
                                       Total: 45:40    

Released by: Immortal Frost Productions

Band page:

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