söndag 20 mars 2016

Regnans/Draziw split

From Darker than Black Records comes a ominous split with the Australian Regnans and the American Draziw! (Both one-man bands)

This split is quite easy to review as it delivers a straight traditional cold punch from its bullet belt hip, Regnans starts off first and its master Quoll knows his past and present well as his sound is chilly and windy semi-raw black metal with a flair of misanthropic and hateful deliverance...

Nothing "new" is of course found in any of the bands here but thats not the point and i guess you know that already... the point is to kill! hehe and they both do and its easy to see why they decide to do this split together as they share much of the same taste in sound etc.
I feel that Regnans has a more lean towards a meditative (nice repeated riffings that pulls you legs down the well) but harsh vibe and Draziw leans more to vile aggression...
The second song i think is the best Regnans track but all three is good by all means, and the first track on Draziw side is best but also again here all his (Schrat Von Krieg) compositions from start to finish is solid.

A enjoyable split that is easy to listen to repeatedly and also a good introduction to both bands, look forward to both their future releases.

This split is Regnans second release after last years demo "Bloody Beginnings" and this is Draziws Fourth release after last years 3 demos "Geheimgang" & "Architekten des Teufels' Reich" & "Burn Them".

Track list:

Side A
1.     Regnans - Return to the Soil     06:26    
2.     Regnans - Vermin     06:12    
3.     Regnans - Winds of Winter     04:43    
Side B
4.     Draziw - Cold Dark Blood     03:58    
5.     Draziw - Forgotten Ways     03:40    
6.     Draziw - Under the Dark Sign     04:08    
7.     Draziw - A Hallucination of Lust     03:07    
                                                   Total: 32:14   

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