onsdag 2 mars 2016

Mork - Den vandrende skygge

From Halden in Norway winds linger in cold anguish and old wounds...souls from the olden times dont get any rest here and thus inflicting their energies on the present...which takes the form (this time) as the second full length from Mork!

Feelings of  both ancient proud pasts fighting the intruding forces and a down beated circular emotion digging deeper without no end in sight... so yeah both an empowering experience as well as a bleak meditative one is what is constructed here and besides that the whole atmosphere is very Norwegian  which is for me a good thing.
The production is well made with both some rawness kept intact as well as all instruments is very balanced,the sharp but round guitar sound is nice, drums is held back just enough not to drown the rest and without losing power and the vocals is just slightly above it all rasping away in hate, nothing to complain about but feels like the studio time was quite an intense time for them...

Melodies are good from start to finish with the basis of the second wave and have a very "in the woods the old ghost is tormenting the moon" feel which is nothing new but these guys do their legacy proud i think as they thread this wooden dark paths with both a firm understanding of their own bleeding soul and with competent creativity.

Some songs like the first one(track 2 as the first is an intro) has also some unorthodox instruments like violins and some keyboards (or some other similar old school contraption) and this can very easy make me puke but not here haha they just makes the vibe much deeper and truer to the old times... no prog.

I have no problem at all to recommend this  new album to anyone whom says like black metal.
A strong ride from the cradle to the grave.

Best tracks: 2,5,9

Track list:

1.     Skogens dyp        
2.     I sluket av myra        
3.     Den lukkede porten        
4.     Hudbreiderens revir        
5.     Død og begravet        
6.     Den vandrende skygge        
7.     Enden ligger ved berget        
8.     Morkent        
9.     Ravnens natterike kaller        
10.   Invertert korsfestelse

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