torsdag 3 mars 2016

Krypthall - Intolerance and Hate (Victory and the End of Our Path)

Krypthall is a one man band from Mexico and the same behind this entity is behind Herxsebet among others.
For those who has heard Herxsebet knows pretty much what to expect here....

...For those who has not i can say that Krypthall is a mountain of raw evil filth!
Very minimal  "melodies" and primitive rhythms that almost sounds like some old satanic tribe  pounding away in dead of the night, one of the main things you have to like/enjoy/drool to to "get" this type of creation is the extreme raw production and the unwillingness to construct proper songs... it sometimes sounds like you are inside the vocalist unruly stomach with all the drips & blurps and shit moving around... not nice but in a good way. hehe

His own description of Krypthalls content is "Misanthropy, Negativity, Ugliness, Violence, Despair" and that is very accurate i think and it also hit me when listening to this last release which is also a compilation ( yes Krypthall has shut its coffin lid now) is that this sounds very much like Orloks latest seven inch "In Spectral Castles of Thy Horned Emperor"! (Orloks stuff is slightly refined though) Yes so if you dig that one you will like this release for sure!

Prepare for cryptic hell flames licking the hallways of eternity!

Track list:

1.     Key of Neo-Nekrokosmo (Intro)     01:55    
2.     Lords of Velahaprovetokv     02:54    
3.     Majestic & Bloody Twilight (A Tribute to Moonblood)04:38    
4.     Impale the Scum Betrayer     02:06    
5.     Fuck Off Pseudo Underblacker Shit     02:23    
6.     S.3.3.3     06:53    
7.     The Primitive Black Furor (of the Ancients)     02:22    
8.     My Rotten Place     03:54    
9.     Omega Su In Np Md     02:03    
10.     Embraced Wolves to Nocturnal Winter Majesty     03:24    
11.     Fullmoon     02:33    
12.     The Lost Hope     04:09    
13.     Ave Regnum Lvcifer     05:09    
14.     Odi Profanum Vulgus, Et Arceo     07:18    
15.     Once the Forest of Psychotic Wind     03:08    
16.     Kill & Destroy for Our Pride     02:31    
17.     Rance Shostakovich (The End)     00:59    
                                                                                 Total: 58:19   

Released by: Caligo Arcanum Productions

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