söndag 8 maj 2016

Iter Pactum - Demonic Rites

This Norwegian one man band has under very little time coughed up both quite a lot of quality satanic verses and respect...from officially creeping up on the "scene" in and around 2014 he has delivered (before this one) 3 full albums, 4 Ep´s, 2 demos, one single and two splits... good work there i say and from the other material i heard it is not one of those bands that poop out a hell of a lot of releases that is just a bunch shitty hammering and/or noising and ambienting around (sure there a  good ambient/noise bands) just fot the sake of releasing....no here i feel there is a strong force and a focused satanic mind at work.

The sound here is quite harsh and raw mid-tempo and stamps off in the muddy waters from early 90´s but he dont steal (so much) and rape his ground fathers sound (not sounding so Norwegian really) instead he attacks with an album that stands really well on its own three legs.

A major sinking feeling i get listening through song after song as the album is dragging you down the cold swamp slowly but firmly... suddenly you just feeling bad haha and that is a good thing here!

The spells are working and each song is a bit trance inducing but also quite evil and smokey...
Witchy Vocals and cold semi melodic guitar is the strongest points here besides the overall choking foggy ambience.

A convincing and good release that the underground dogs should lap up now!

Best tracks for me is: 1,4,5

Track list:

1.     Over aser og gjennom kulde     05:51    
2.     Der hvor intet lever     05:22    
3.     Når natten stiger frem     05:46    
4.     Moonlight Ritual     06:19    
5.     Demonic Rites     05:13    
6.     Det siste åndedrag     05:55    
7.     Avskjed     05:57    
                       Total: 40:23    

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